Systems Integration

Today, business is driven by having access to the right information at the right time. However, timely access to the right information is complicated by the number and complexity of business applications and the increased volumes of data maintained. Organizations have a variety of ways in which they can share data and as a result, data sharing can pose a significant challenge in the absence of an established data transfer strategy for the enterprise.

Modern IT organizations face the challenge of storing, managing, and facilitating the exchange of data at unprecedented volumes. The issue of effectively exchanging high volumes of data between and among enterprise applications remains. A sound, enterprise-wide data transfer strategy is necessary to guide IT practitioners and to enable consistent representation of key business entities across enterprise applications.

SOA & EAI integration is a major part of our strategic IT plan and ISol has been key in formulating the plan and is now motoring us through our SOA adoption with great and visible success.

Our SOA / EAI Specialization :

·         Oracle SOA, BPM

·         IBM BPM, IBM ESB

·         Java Open source ESB, BPM